The Cappadocian region is a place where nature and history come together to produce some of the most intrigueing in the world. Improbable geological events caused the creation of Peri Bacaları (Fairy Chimneys) millenia ago. Four thousand of years, humans have used the stractures carvingout complex homes, churches,monestries and decorating them with friezes and frescos.

Rock, which is the only construction material of the region, as it is very soft after quarrying due to the structure, can be easily processed but after contact with air it hardens and turns into a very strong construction material.  Due to being plentiful and easy to process, regional unique masonry is developed and turned into an architectural tradition. Materials of neither courtyard nor house door are wood. Upper parts of the doors built with arches are decorated with stylized ivy or rosette motifs.  Dovecotes within the region are small structures constructed within 18th century and end of 19th century. Some of the dovecotes, which are important in showing Islamic art are constructed on monasteries or churches. Surfaces of dovecotes are decorated with rich inscriptions and adornments by regional artists.

The local rock is soft and easy to query, but on contact with air it hardens and becomes an excellent construction material. All the buildings in the area are made of this beautiful stone and the local stone masons are masterful in their manipulation of this material. Decorative motifs of ivy or rosettes grace the arches of doors and courtyard entrances. Dovecotes, an important part of Islamic art, can be found in old monestiries and churches, often decorated with inscriptions and paintings. The pigeon lofts of Cappadocia were built mostly to help local farmers benefit from the bird droppings which makes excellent fortilizer. The local people in the 18th and 19th century embellished these pigeon with simple decorations which carried mystical meaning more than 120 patterns have been idendified.